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Lightning Talk: Bartacus - Modernizing legacy CMS applications with Symfony

The content management system TYPO3 is now over 15 years old and if you are used to work with it, you know you have to hurdle with old "home-brewed" solutions, legacy code and a lot more awful stuff. An extension is not easy to write and the available framework solution Extbase/Fluid may not please you.

Bartacus aims to give you a boost creating awesome web application within TYPO3 with the integration of the Symfony full stack framework. This gives you controllers, Twig rendering, DI/service container and a lot more. With Bartacus you are able to write high quality extensions while keeping testability and following modern best practices within the context of TYPO3.

This talk will give you a quick look into how the Symfony integration is done and the resulting features. You will see, how you work with Symfony and TYPO3 together and how we have improved our development process with it.